About us

The only goal of this show is to make sure our camera is always where the very hottest fishing action is at.  No matter where it is. Our motto is simple; any fish, anytime, anywhere. And it doesn't matter who hosts the show, whether it's Winga, his family, his friends or every day heroes like YOU.  There are no rules, just as long as there's a story that's inspirational and or interesting we will endeavour to tell that story honestly and professionally.  While having a shitload of fun.

Brendan Wing (Winga)

Creator, host and editor of Salty Dog Films (1998-2007) and YouFishTV (2008 to present),  Fishing since he was 4, Winga has amassed quite the list of achievements in the fishing world both home and abroad.  Best known for his achievements in Western Port, Melbourne, Australia where he fishes for Snapper, Squid, Gummy Shark and Silver Mulloway.  Winga says his greatest fishing moment was battling the 700-1000lb class giant bluefin tunas of Canada in 2014.

Executive Producer and Host

Dave Standing (Stretch)

Dave lives and breathes fishing, he's always looking towards the next big challenge, the next big adventure the next big fish to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline surging. Dave's most memorable fishing moment was without a doubt catching a bream once with Shane Lowery.

Field presenter and co-host.

Justine Wing-Smith (Smivs)

Creative Director of YouFishTV.  Specializing in graphic design and artwork.  Also runs the online side of things including the official YFTV clothing and merchandise.  Feels like it's connected to the universe like some manic space cadet.  Special skills Telekinesis.  RBF syndrome.  Don't mess with this one or you may have your face slapped clean off without it even raising it's hand.  Generally keeps to itself.

Executive Producer

Dr Shane Lowery (Flappy)

Our south western guru. Specializes in diving into large cash vats and flapping about, wine tasting and Stabbing sea roaches etc has been known to lay bream on grass and rinse them with parasitic removing fluids before release.  Such respect.

Industry Snuzzler

Adrian Lieutier (Washo)

Don't be fooled by its beauty and muscles, it really does wind fish nicely.  And it bats and bowls very well.  Has officially caught the biggest fish ever caught in Western Port. 45.8kg 1.7m mulloway.

Field Presenter

Goepel (Goepel)

Keeping 1000's useful pieces of equipment in his pocket at all times, this guy can fix anything anywhere anytime.  He is basically fishing MacGyver, but actually real.  Wound a giant mulloway and tuna in once.


Joseph Fernand (Jofus)

One of the longest serving members of the crew, joe started off as our cameraman but went on to some epic levels of achievement in his own right, travelling the world with live performing ABBA band Bjourne Again and supporting the Village People.  He's basically the centre pin of our mateship.  Bloody trusty ripper of a human being.  Good parenting we suspect.  3 rating. 

Bass Guitarist & Cameraman

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